Our Services

  • Conception of products and production processes
  • Series production and mechanical processing of multiaxial-reinforced profiles
  • Series assembly and joining of components and modules
  • Production of prototypes and small series (pultrusion and vacuum infusion)
  • Quality checks during production, production of coupons and production of material cards

Exemplary production developments:

StreetScooter Work L, Volkswagen T6 and
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
CFRP-profiles and test vehicle
Carbon fibre fabric guiding
StreetScooter chassis
Carbon fibre fabric

Skills and equipment

  • 20t pultrusion system (pulling force measurement, 18 heating elements (up to 250°C), cooling system (injection box), data recording of relevant process parameters, sawing unit and automatic component removal after length cutting)
  • Dosing system with agitator for processing highly reactive resin systems and additives
  • System supplier with internal component and module assembly
  • Individual mounting racks for reliable joining of the components

Development services

  • Development of pultrusion and assembly processes
  • Design, optimization and series maturation of pultrusion processes:
    • Creation of specifications for pultrusion systems
    • Retrofitting/optimization of existing pultrusion systems
    • Consulting: Component Design
    • Consulting: Material selection (textile semi-finished products & matrix)
    • Cost estimation of profiles / production lines
  • Validation of resin systems for pultrusion processes
  • Investigation of the behaviour of multiaxial objects, UD/rovings, excipients, nonwovens and hybrid    structures in the pultrusion process
  • Development of series concepts for individual production scenarios

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