Lightweight Carbon Chassis – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The user advantages of lightweight composites:

  • > 1.450kg payload
  • Interior dimensions of box body (lxwxh): 4.360 x 2.100 x 2.250 mm
  • Entry height of box body (unloaded/loaded): 637 / 537 mm
  • Fewer vehicles & drivers for the same payload
  • Only driving license class B (GVW 3.5t) necessary
  • 4-6 % fuel and CO2 reduction per vehicle
  • Significantly reduced fleet consumption
  • Larger box bodies due to lower chassis

The manufacturer’s advantages of lightweight composites:

  • Lower consumption and positive C02 footprint
  • Meet WLTP despite larger box bodies – due to low-floor chassis
  • Larger wheelbases and box bodies
  • Improved safety: 5x higher crash energy absorption than steel
  • Release for commercial and leisure applications
  • High fatigue strength

Key Facts

Chassis mass: 244 kilograms
incl. rear axle, wheels, rear end interface , all mounting parts and chassis wiring harness with frame length 3.920 mm

Mass of longitudinal beam: 4 kilograms/meter

Mounting of the body
either by screwing or gluing

Rear end interface
Needs-based interface at the longitudinal beam ends for mounting lamp holders, trailer couplings and garage trays

no cross members required for the structural function of the chassis

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